Remanufactured engines, done right, every time

As much as we'd like them to, aircraft engines don't last forever. As pilots log more and more hours, the engines wear and will require new parts and a great deal of inspections to put you back in the air safely. Its a fact every pilot knows. An aircraft owner shouldnt be inundated with the details of the process, but can be involved if so desired at Western Skyways.

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Airworthy & Ready to Roar

I should be the last one to write about the airline industry. All I know is that planes have wings, engines and pilots. When I arrived at Western Skyways at 21 Creative Place, co-owner David Leis immediately put me at ease and gave me a tour of the facility. I also met co-owner Al Head and vice-president, Tom Barry. S eeing the facility, equipment and watching the employees at work was quite impressive. I felt inspired, excited and amazed. It's hard to believe all of this goes on right here in Montrose

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Plane & Pilot
Asking the Right Questions

If you don't do your homework, when the time comes to decide who will rebuild or remanufacture your airplane's powerplant, you may make a costly mistake by choosing a shop with a reputation for poor service. Assuming that you want your powerplant put together by a facility that uses the best practices, equipment and testing, all performed by qualified, well-trained employees, how do you make the best choice?.

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Colorado Biz
Attitude at Altitude

Despite the resurgence of commercial air travel, general aviation continues to grow at an incredible rate. That's good news for Western Skyways, a busy piston aircraft engine rebuilder in Montrose that recently began servicing the turbine engines used in thousands of business aircraft.

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AgAir Update
Jewel in the Rockies

MONTROSE, CO - Where can an ag-operator find a piston engine shop that is willing to warrant their overhaul for five years or to TBO, whichever comes first? Western Skyways, Inc. of Montrose, Colorado offers this unheard of warranty for their Gold Seal Piston Aircraft Engine. This includes paying your mechanic to work on the engine if needed!

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Centennial Aviation Journal
Western Skyways Opens New Turbine Shop

Montrose, Colorado — The aircraft engine shop known internationally for its Gold Seal® piston engine, has taken to skies on a new venture — turbine engine maintenance and repair.

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Montrose Press
Western Skyways gives a Lift to Winged Charity

Charities often depend on the good work of others to get going and keep rolling.

Such is the case with Samaritan Aviation, the Montrose-based Christian ministry that flies medical missions in Mexico and Papua New Guinea.

Thanks to a donation of labor by engine manufacturer Western Skyways, Samaritan saved on nearly half the cost of a $33,000 engine overhaul for two of its planes. The savings will allow the charity; which heads to Papua New Guinea later this week, to spend more money on medical supplies and other good works.

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Pilot Getaways
Attention to Detail

By John Kounis

I had a sad feeling as I primed my engine and cranked the starter for the last time. Since installing a Western Skyways Gold Seal® Engine in my Cessna 185 five years ago, I had flown it more that 1,800 hours. I hadn't been particularly gentle with the engine, pushing it at high power settings on 105°F in the Mojave Desert, or starting it after a quick preheat on a 10°F ramp in Boston. Yet the engine never let me down .
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World Beechcraft
Turbo-Normal Test Case

By John Foose, Contributing Editor

Last spring I was contacted by WBS to see if I was interested in having a TurboNormalizer installed on my one year new Millennium IO-520BB by Western Skyways. After some consideration involving finances, timing, etc., I agreed to this great improvement, as it allows the engine to keep full sea-level manifold pressure right up to 21,000 feet.

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The inside story on . . .Western Skyways

TBO Advisor

by Kas Thomas

Anybody who wants to become an "overnight success" in the engine business would do well to study the success of David Leis, Al head, John Robinson, and Perry Nicholson. Before founding the Montrose, Colorado-based Western Skyways, Inc., each of the company’s four principals spent 26 years in the business, learning the art of engine rebuilding the hard way: one crankcase at a time.
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Western Skyways Puts More than Gloss in Gold Seal Engines

Overhaul Over the Rockies
The Original Reman Shop... The Western Skyways Legend continues in Colorado

Cessna Owner
by Jim Cavanagh

At the Southern end of the high plains valley created by the San Juan and the Uncompahgre Mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains, sixty-five miles south of Grand Junction and thirty-five miles north of picturesque Ouray, CO, is a town of fifteen thousand souls: Montrose, is its name. Surrounded as it is with snowy, formidable mountain peaks, it would seem an unlikely location for anything related to aviation.

Not So!

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A Washington State Baron owner travels east to visit Western Skyways

TBO Advisor

by Arreed Barabasz, Ph.D.

I began to have that nagging, uneasy feeling while flying my wonderful B55 Beech Baron. I depend on the Baron to get me over the Cascade Mountains of Western Washington every month. The Cascades are known as "the great ice machine" and this is why they brought the Concorde here, all the way from Europe, for known ice testing. Despite the drag of de-ice boots and a fuselage festooned with nine antennas, the Baron's 1,050-hour-SMOH Continental IO-470-L engines were still hauling the Baron at or better than book performance figures.

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AOPA's 2001 Bonanza Sweepstakes
Firewall Forward to the Future

Think of what happened to Clark Kent when he entered a phone booth
By Steven W. Ells (From AOPA Pilot)

To appreciate the change that came over the AOPA Bonanza Sweepstakes airplane in late February, think of what happened to Clark Kent when he entered a phone booth. Complete firewall-forward upgrades have transformed our perfectly competent 1966 Beech V35 Bonanza into a super sky screamer — an airplane that can readily leap halfway across the country in the time it takes an AOPA member to get through his monthly dose of AOPA Pilot magazine and built by none other than Western Skyways of Montrose, Colorado. The sweepstakes Bonanza is now easily capable of true airspeeds in excess of 200 knots.

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