Welcome to Western Skyways, home of the legendary "GOLD SEAL®" aircraft engines and accessories. Western Skyways services Continental, Lycoming, as well as experimental aircraft engines.
Western Skyways is a well respected name, and has been a leader within General Aviation for generations. Our state-of-the-art piston engine facilities are second to none, combining Airframe Services, and a complete Accessory and Cylinder shop enables us to have one of the largest footprints in this industry servicing anything from a Piper Cub through a Cessna Citation. Large and small, we do it all.

Western Skyways has also provided the industry with many improvements, innovations and Supplemental Type Certificates enhancing the original designs and reinvigorating the aging GA fleet delivering superior performance, economy, and longer service life in the process. From engine assembly techniques, Turbo Normalizing and FBO shop tools, to remanufacturing the finest piston engine in the industry, Western Skyways is committed to provide the highest possible quality, at the lowest possible cost.

Click on engine series below for those details:

Remanufacture or Overhaul Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) Series: O-200 O-300 O-470 IO-240 IO-346 IO-360 IO-470 IO-520 IO-550 TSIO-360 TSIO-470 TSIO-520 TSIO-550 GTSIO-520 TSIOL-550

Remanufacture or Overhaul Textron Lycoming Series: O-235 O-290 O-320 IO-320 LO-360 HIO-360 HO-360 LIO-360 O-360 LHIO-360 IO-360 AIO-360 TO-360 TIO-360 AEIO-360 O-540 IO-540 TIO-540 AEIO-540 TIO-541 IO-720

Aircraft Engines are our only business.

  • "Gold Seal®" quality rebuild and overhaul of all reciprocating piston aircraft engines, including Lycoming, Continental
  • Distributor for aircraft engine cylinders, pistons, rings, connecting rods, camshafts, crankcases, valves, sumps and gears.
  • Distributor for Engine Components® Inc. (ECI) aircraft engine cylinders, fuel injection systems, and connecting rods.
  • Factory authorized Cirrus aircraft service center.
  • STC'ed turbo-normalizing systems for Beech Bonanzas.
  • Aircraft engines and kits for experimental aircraft and air boats.
  • Centrally located in Colorado.