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Yes, we do both airframes! Fly above the weather at faster speeds with Western Skyways Turbonormalizing Engine System, the newest addition to our line of legendary engine products.
  • Over 20 years of proven field performance.
  • Allows your existing engine to produce full-rated power from sea level to 20,000 feet with sustained climb performance and virtually no high-density-takeoff worries.
  • Reduced air resistance at altitude effectively maximizes cruise speeds.

Unlike Factory Turbo-charged systems, our Turbonormalizing Engine System doesnt require high cylinder pressures that lead to cracking, inefficient operations, and lower TBOs.

Western Skyways Turbonormalizing Engine System twin-engine speed and versatility with single-engine simplicity and economy. Another legendary engine product from a legendary engine shop.

Right Cowl Access
Right Cowl Access

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