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"First, I would like to thank everyone at Western Skyways not only for the amazing Engine o/h on my O235-L2C but also for their hospitality and professionalism that was shown throughout the entire process. "

To begin with, I had sent my engine to an Engine shop in Tulsa OK for a major overhaul. I was told that my engine would be complete in 4 weeks. To make this horror story short I didn't get my engine back for 6 months. When I did get the engine back it not only ran poorly but was soon found out the Tulsa OK Repair Shop had installed a "REJECTED" for Service Crankshaft in my engine.

I finally had to aquire Legal help and deal with the FAA to get this shop to return my money so I could move on. A very expensive learning lesson on my part and my aircraft was held hostage by this ordeal for just short of 2 years.

I contacted Western Skyways at this point and not only did they agree to do my overhaul but they also dealt with the other engine shop to get a useable core from them so that I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore. Western Skyways gave me a quote, and told me my engine would be ready in 4 weeks.

Long story short, not only was my "Fresh" engine on the way in 4 weeks but my invoice was exactly the price that I had been quoted with "NO HIDDEN COSTS". Anyone that needs any engine repair I highly recommend Western Skyways as you will get just what you order. Don't go through what I did, thinking that you might save a little money elsewhere as I am proof of what can happen.

Thank you again Western Skyways not only for the amazing engine but also for your courtesy and kindness throughout the process and for constantly checking in to see how the engine is performing. Please feel free to have anyone with questions or doubts contact me as it would be my pleasure to talk with them and ease their minds. Again I cannot thank you folks enough for all you did for me.

"The Western Skyways Turbo Normalizer gives my IO-520 Bonanza exceptional climb and cruise performance, at a price that will allow me to keep flying!"

As a member of the US Olympic Track and Field Team, I constantly look for performance modifications for all of my vehicles..

Being located at 5000 ft. and regularly flying to over 14,000 ft., It significantly outperforms our club's four IO-550 V35's every time out. Their product, quality, and customer service has made me a believer. From the first contact with Jane on the phone, through Eric Barker during the installation, and finally shaking Al Head's hand when I picked it up, the experience was first rate. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

"Considerably higher resale value."

Reputation and integrity are Kara Swensen's two highest priorities as CEO of Alaris Aviation, specialists in Cirrus pre-owned aircraft.

During the buyer's inspection and demo flight of a plane with a Western Skyways engine, compressions are consistently over 70, the engines run smooth with no vibration, the oil analysis is clean, the engine often has remaining warranty, and the customer service from the factory is communicative and responsive to the needs of each client and their engine. The resale value for an aircraft with a Western Skyways engine is considerably higher than one without, and I am appreciative when marketing aircraft with such strong engines.

John Foose loves his Millennium IO-520BB equipped 1967 V35 Bonanza.

He flies extensively throughout the country so when the opportunity to install Western Skyways’ STC'd Turbonormalizing (TN) System presented itself, he took it.

Wooed by the promise of sea-level manifold at Rocky Mountain altitudes, John found lots more to love about the system, including the new intercooler, which lowers incoming ambient air temperature, effectively cooling Cylinder Head Temperatures…a common complaint of factory turbo-charge systems.

Western Skyways performed the whole operation at their beautiful facility in Montrose, Colorado, and John even scheduled a needed annual for the same time. John says “I can now cruise along at 13,500 feet, burning about 15.4 GPH, with a true airspeed of 191 knots, all while keeping my hottest Cylinder Head Temperature well below 380ºF.” John adds of his newly attainable altitudes, “ The airliners are at 35,000 and the other GA folks are at 10,000…I have the airspace from 12,000 to 21,000 all to myself.” And of Western Skyways, John offers, “I could not be happier with the performance of my now Turbonormalized engine or with the expertise and exceptionally customer-oriented service of Western Skyways. I highly recommend this shop.”

John Foose,
Contributing Editor,
World Beechcraft magazine

Jac Holzman is a busy man. The Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Elektra/NonesuchRecords and past Chairman of Panavision, depends on his F-33A Bonanza to get him around the country. Whether providing technical services to clients or promoting his latest book “Follow The Music”, Jac relies on his Western Skyways Millennium® engine to keep him flying.

Jac says, “From day one, the engine has been a joy, with such an improvement in power that I am now getting eight additional knots, which is theoretically not possible. From the first takeoff roll the plane responded beautifully, with a thrilling sense of power I had never felt before. This is one tough engine which I fly with total comfort. My gratitude to the team at Western Skyways for their exceptional craftsmanship and care, and for doing it all on time and on budget am now a fervent fan of the Western Skyways Millennium® engine.”

Jac Holzman,
Founder & former CEO,
Elektra/Nonesuch Records.,
Santa Monica, California

Brian Andrus of Arctic Transportation Services, absolutely, positively MUST deliver the mail. Seventy remote villages in Western Alaska depend on his scheduled cargo deliveries… and out there, that means survival. Brian depends on Western Skyways to deliver the engines that help him deliver his payload. Brian says “My fleet of Cessna 207s and 402s fly in harsh summer and winter conditions over extremely rugged terrain. count on flawless engine performance not only for my own safety, but also for the survival of the villages I serve. Western Skyways engines are so dependable we’ve even been able to get a TBO increase on our 402s. The crew there really goes out of their way to help us keep things running smoothly. Even when we had a problem with a product that wasn’t theirs, they helped us solve it. They’re worth doing
business with.”

Brian Andrus
Director of Maintenance,
Acrtic Transportation Services,
Anchorage, Alaska

“I’ve been doing business with Western Skyways since 1985. We have found that they deliver the very best product and customer service. One time we had to get an engine from someone else. We were in a hurry. We couldn’t wait. So, we took a chance on another shop. We had so many problems! I had never switched companies before… and I will never switch again! I use Western Skyways for all my engines and component overhauls. They are with me every step of the way through the whole process. When someone asks me about Western Skyways, I say, ‘Let me tell you about these guys. They’re always there when I need them!’ I trust Western Skyways to help me keep my health care business healthy.”

Lionel Apana,
Director of Maintenance,
Hawaii Air Ambulance,
Honolulu, Hawaii

James Boulton, owner of AAA Roofing of Maui, Hawaii, flies over the ocean every day. He brought his Trinidad TB-20 over from France in 1990 and when it was time for a major overhaul, he was diligent about doing his homework. James says, “90% of my flying is over the ocean. The only option for me is the very best. Planes go down out here and there are very few survivors. I talked to a lot of operators, and Western Skyways got very good reviews. I wanted a balanced engine and a company I could trust if there were any problems. I called Western Skyways and talked at length with David Leis. For my IO540 and my needs, David suggested the Custom Gold Seal® engine. I went with David’s suggestions and I’ve been very pleased. Everyone there is very knowledgeable. They keep in touch. I have always kept meticulous care of my engine and I keep my oil clean all the time. Their build-up process was very important to me because they don’t change parts between engines like many shops do. Their standards are very high. My Western Skyways engine is even better than the factory engine my plane came with. Even though they don’t sell the engine on these points, it’s smoother, quieter, and much more powerful. It’s beautifully balanced, faster, and my climb rate is much better. It starts beautifully and doesn’t burn oil. There’s almost no vibration. From the first time the engine rolled over, I’ve just been very, very pleased. Pleased with Western Skyways, and pleased with my Gold Seal® engine. If you want the best engine you can buy at a very fair price, you should call Western Skyways like I did.”

James Boulton,
Owner, AAA Roofing,
Maui, Hawaii

King Airelines flies the Grand Canyon every day. They buy Western Skyways Gold Seal® remanufactured engines exclusively for their entire fleet. We build their engines to exacting specifications tailored to the scorching days and frigid nights of the Nevada desert. Nick Francovich, Director of Maintenance, says, “The engines we buy from Western Skyways are the finest I’ve seen. These engines must perform three times a day, seven days a week without failure and they do just that. There is absolutely no room for doubt of dependability when transporting people to and from the Grand Canyon daily, through a wide range of conditions and over inhospitable territory. The staff at Western Skyways treats me like I’m their only customer. Anything I need, they provide. Their technical knowledge of these engines and accessories rivals the factory, and Western Skyways keeps in touch! I cannot conceive doing business with anyone else. When I’m asked for my opinion of Western Skyways from other operators, I tell them the same thing. You will not find a better company anywhere.”

Nick Francovich,
Director of Maintenance,
King Airelines.,
Henderson, Nevada

Lake Mead Air in Boulder City, Nevada knows what it means to fly through the eye of a needle. Their special brand of air safaris take tourists on an aviation adventure THROUGH the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas. General Manager, Art Gallenson, uses Cessna high wings to give their passengers the best possible view, and says, “We like to get them as close as possible, so we must have the power and precision to navigate the canyons. We do a lot of fire surveillance work too. We’ve got to have completely reliable engines.”
Art and his crew have been flying with Western Skyways engines since it’s beginning in Troutdale, Oregon. He says, “We’ve been with the Western Skyways team from day one. Over 23 years of great service and hundreds of remanufactured engines…what more do I need to say? We run a multi-faceted business that keeps our planes constantly in the air. For our Grand Canyon tours, we need a reliable, quality engine that we can count on. Paying customers don’t accept excuses for delays and neither do we. For many, the flight over the Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime experience and we want to make sure that we can make it the best experience possible. We also contract out to the U.S. Forest Service and are required to meet their strict requirements for aircraft safety. Time is a critical element. It can mean the difference between a small brush fire and a raging forest fire. There is no room for downtime in this business. That’s why we turn to Western Skyways for all of our engines. Their service is unmatched. They even delivered a critical part we needed on Thanksgiving Day. Whether it’s a small part or rush order on a remanufactured engine, we can count on Western Skyways to get us what we need…when we need it. We’re looking forward to another 25 years with Western Skyways.”

Art Gallenson,
General Manager ,
Lake Mead Air,
Boulder City, Nevada

"Just a simple note of thanks for the recent three engines that we've purchased from you.

As you know, my airplanes never fly flat and level. They are always climbing on their way to work, or rapidly descending on their way home from the drop. Here in the desert, we put our engines through every temperature exptreme. Many days, the ambient ground temperatures are hitting 130 degrees on the tarmac; and the descent wind chill factor is -20 degrees below at altitude in the winter.

But I've never had a cracked Western Skyways cylinder.

I am certainly glad that you suggested the new Millennium Cylinders for all our recent overhauls. Their performance has been wonderful. My pilots are pleased with their power all the way up; my mechanics are pleased with their compression checks; and I am pleased to have found a product made the "Old Fashioned Way". That is to say that "They Last Longer". I have over 800 hours on all of the cylinders now and their performance is just like brand new.

And all of Western Skyways' workmanship is superb. My engines have always come off of the truck and run past TBO without a problem. I have absolutely no complaints."

Michael Hawkes,
A Skydive,
Las Vegas, Nevada

Jack Johnson, President of Texas Skyways, Inc. expects flawless performance from his engine vendor, just as his customers expect flawless performance from their engines. That’s why Jack counts exclusively on Western Skyways. Johnson says, “I’ve purchased over a thousand engines from the folks at Western Skyways. We love ‘em and we have a relationship with them better than any written contract. It’s a relationship based on mutual trust and friendship. When we buy engines for our customers, they expect the best. That’s why we buy all of our engines from Western Skyways. Our customers can trust us, because we trust them.”

Jack Johnson,
Texas Skyways, Inc.,
Boerne, Texas

It takes a smooth engine for John Kounis, Editor of Pilot Getaways, to get the outstanding, clear images published in his magazine. After putting a pen to the research assignment, John chose Western Skyways to replace his engine. “Since the Cessna 185 is our primary photo platform, lack of vibration in the engine is crucial in assuring clear, sharp photographs for the magazine. Whether I’m flying across the country at 75% power to meet a deadline or loitering at 45% power to fly formation with a Gipsy Moth, the engine is smooth and responsive. Oil consumption is minimal, and oil analysis and compression checks have been good.” John concludes, “I highly recommend a tour of the facility to others. The professionalism exhibited in the shop will instill confidence in any potential customer.” Sharper images are just one of the many additional benefits Western Skyways engines deliver with what many describe as “turbine smooth performance.”

John Kounis
Editor, Pilot Getaways
Glendale, California

"I wanted to send you a Short recap of my 1997 Jane's airshow tour and the engine operations since your overhaul of my engine with Millennium cylinders during the winter of 1997.

The engine, a Lycoming AEIO-540. Is installed in my Marchetti F-260C aircraft which I flew about 275 hours last summer. I performed about 75 airshow performances at 23 airshow sites across North America in 1997. I also flew about 100 media and VIP aerobatic flights. Ambient temperatures ranged from almost freezing, at one show, to over 110 degrees at Naval Air Station Corpus Christie, Texas. One day in Texas, I flew 15 half hour VIP aerobatic flights for my sponsor, Electronic Arts, with ambient temperatures over 100 degrees. Power settings, for my 10 minute airshow routine, are 2700 RPM and 100 % available manifold pressure for the entire routine until landing. Cylinder head temperature was never red lined and the oil temperature is sometimes at red line. I never missed a flight during the year. The engine, including the Millennium cylinders, operated as needed when needed at all times. I expect the engine to operate to TB0 just as it has for over 3,000 hours and 13 years performing airshows."

Chuck Lischer,
Cameron Park, California

"We are currently operating two Teledyne Continental IO-520-F engines with the Superior Airparts Millennium Cylinder assemblies installed. Our first engine was installed in a Cessna 207A in March of 1997 and has accumulated approximately 350 hours since overhaul. Our second engine with these cylinders was installed in a Cessna U206F in December of 1997, and has accumulated approximately l00 hours time since overhaul. The coldest temperatures that we have operated these engines to date is -30 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Their service history so far has proven them to exceed the original factory Continental cylinder assemblies in both summer and winter operations."

Randy Rallo,
Director of Maintenance, 40-Mile Air
Tok, Alaska

"I am writing to you about the TSIO-520 engine with the Millennium cylinder we have installed in our Cessna 210. This engine now has 840 hours - TSMOH and we have not had any problem yet. We are a 135 operation, so we run this engine constantly and yet after every 100 hour inspection the compression check is always over 70, and we have been very pleased."

D.J. Sepehri,
Director of Maintenance, Air Transport Inc.
El Paso, Texas

After 3900TT and two field overhauls, Bill White, President of Western Air Trails, decided it was time to “bite the bullet” and replace the engine. After comparing options, including factory new, he chose to go with Superior’s Millennium® engine built by Western Skyways.
Bill says, “I cannot adequately express the confidence I have in my Western Skyways Millennium® engine while flying 200 feet above the ground photographing for my books. It’s the difference in an engine carefully built by craftsmen.” Bill’s company publishes pilot guides of geological formations and historical markers across the country. He adds, “A few minutes on the phone with David Leis at Western Skyways convinced me that the engine would be built to specifications that actually exceeded my expectations… when David explained the five-year warranty, the meticulous build-up process, and the remarkably close tolerances and high quality of the final product, I ordered an O-470-R. The engine was ready on schedule and came with NEW (not rebuilt) mags, carburetor, and starter. If I had any doubt whether it was time to change engines, it was relieved on the first flight. SMOOTH is the only word to describe the engine performance. The follow-through service has been exceptional. In a day and age when many companies don’t care to deliver any level of customer service, Western Skyways has delivered outstanding service.”

Bill White,
Pres. Western Air Trails, Logan, Utah

"I told Eric when we started this overhaul I don’t typically spend $30k and not get a couple t-shirts and/or hats out of the deal. He agreed that was a justified request. Can you see to it he makes good on sending those with the engine and that they are addressed to me and not my mechanic, he can buy his own shirt after I’m through paying for the install!

On a serious note, thanks for all of your help and thanks to everyone at Western. You all have been great to work with through this whole ordeal. I hope I don’t need your services again anytime soon but if so I will not hesitate to use Western again. I am taking care of the remaining payment as soon as I send this email and look forward to seeing our engine shortly. Thanks Again!!!"
Andy Benoit
RALF Aviation, L.L.C.
Ragley, Louisiana

"Eric, I wanted to say Thank you for your effort in getting my missing parts to me in such a timely manner. I’d have to say, your customer service is very good and very much appreciated. I am really pleased with the motor that Western Skyways rebuilt for me and the professionalism and attention to detail that was given during the rebuild. The finished product that was returned to me was far better than I had expected it to be and when I say finished, it was finished, right down to the oil dip stick being painted in two colors so that you could read the writing along with the capacity being cleaned to make it visible. "
Keno D. Brown
President, Athens Steel Building
Athens, TX

"My experience with Western Skyways has been a most positive one. I would recommend Western Skyways to anyone searching for an engine overhaul, remanufacture or rebuild. From my initial contact with Western Skyways, the staff there treated my potential complete engine remanufacture as a joint collaborative endeavor; I didn’t feel as another customer contacting them to buy a product but rather as a lead partner exploring an upcoming project. The whole staff there, from Operations Manager Eric Barker, Service Manager Ryan Dickerson, Debbie and Tanya in the office to every employee I encountered worked as a team and made me feel that my calls, e-mails and visits were welcome. Advice and input was not limited to my particular engine transaction but to aviation maintenance as a whole.

You’re probably not going to get a lot of fluff, salesmanship or extraneous communication, but what you are going to get is a caring, professional staff with some of the most knowledgeable folks in General Aviation today. I wouldn’t expect numerous colored brochures or flyers, but you can count on engines overhauled on an individual level with unquestionably one of the strongest warranties that exist in the business.

When you decide and commit to an engine rebuild with Western Skyways, they’re not thinking of just today’s engine – these guys and gals are wanting your business in the future. If there are unanswered questions or points that need clarification, they’re there. As with most engine rebuilds and installs, it’s likely there will be needed adjustments and fixes and maybe even a few unanticipated hurdles; no matter, Western Skyways will be there in all practical ways to get you flying safe, sound and quickly, whether the problem was necessarily at their hands or not. I personally witnessed at closing time on Friday, Service Manager Ryan Dickerson postponing a family trip and vacation while removing a cowl and replacing an alternator on the spot. He and his team were determined to find the problem and fix it, because their name was associated with it. Honor, integrity and reputation mean something.

Western Skyways worked with me through a rather complicated schedule and timeframe, keeping me informed at every step. Communications were regular and accurate, and went both ways. Never once was a call, text or email not retuned by someone. When there was an unforeseen problem that mandated a stay in Montrose an extra day, Western Skyways saw to it that someone was there for me and that transportation was available. The quoted price was what I was charged – there’s no “hidden charges.” Western Skyways may not be the absolute cheapest, but they by far are not the most expensive either. Do your homework and truly compare what you are getting; I think you’ll find Western Skyways extremely competitive, offering many more additions in a standard package that you may not be getting with a so-called cheaper shop.

Western Skyway’s Gold Seal engines enjoy one of the best reputations and warranties in the business and there’s a reason – it’s earned. Accommodations are good, with an office readily available for flight planning, short meetings, etc. The staff there isn’t cleanly divided by so-called management and labor – leaders are on the floor getting their hands dirty digging into cylinders, crank cases, alternators, magnetos and turbos…and engine rebuilders will be in the business offices being asked their opinion on matters, each an expert in one area or another. Leave pompousness at the door; these folks build engines. Good engines. Reliable engines.

Oh, and the coffee isn’t bad in the lobby, either. Great scenery of the San Juan Mountains from Western Skyways windows!

They will do everything reasonably possible to reach satisfaction for all if there happens to be some issue; once the engine is installed and you’re out the door, your relationship with Western Skyways shouldn’t be over. Contact them and tell them how that engine purrs, ask if you are concerned about something. They want the feedback! I would recommend Western Skyways to anyone wanting the best engine, for the best price, a good warranty and most of all customer service and satisfaction.

On a serious note, thanks for all of your help and thanks to everyone at Western. You all have been great to work with through this whole ordeal. I hope I don't need your services again anytime soon but if so I will not hesitate to use Western again. I am taking care of the remaining payment as soon as I send this email and look forward to seeing our engine shortly. Thanks Again!!!"
Charles Hancock
Turbo Arrow IV N135DG

" I received my engine yesterday. IT IS GORGEOUS! I wish I had a glass cowl so everyone can see it.

I am astonished at the level of customer service you all have provided. All communication between myself and WS was fast and thorough and not once did I feel like I was being a burden. I know WS deals with customers that spend big money on a regular basis but while I'm just a guy with a single overhaul on a budget I was still treated as big spending VIP.

I'm confident that this engine will perform as good as it looks and at this point I will recommend WS to everyone with an OH need.

Well done!
I'll keep in touch,"
Scott Norton

" The airplane is performing beyond what I expected. I have no issues getting 200 KTS, it has almost become the norm, at least above 13,000 feet. The two attached pictures are on a recent trip to KC which took 2:15 (from KFNL). I also ran it up to 20 GPH and my true airspeed increased to 220. I watch the yellow arch carefully and only fly in that area in smooth air and normally am able to get 200 -207 knots easily at 15.5 to 16 gals lean of peak and stay in the green.

I had a controller ask me the other day if my bonanza was that good or if I had a tail wind. Kind of cool!"
Steven G. Smith
Owner/Property & Casualty Consultant
Turbo Normalized A36