Western Skyways - The Turbonormalizing Engine Systems Specialist

Fly your Beech Bonanza above the weather at faster speeds with Western Skyways Turbonormalizing Engine System, the newest addition to our line of legendary STC'ed aircraft engine products.

  • Up to 215 KTAS*
  • Up to 1300 FPM ROC*
  • Enhanced engine operations both LOP and ROP
  • Stable Fuel Flow from the ground through FL180 - No fuel flow degradation as you climb
  • Stable manifold pressure from the ground through FL180 – No MAP degradation as you climb
  • Over 13 years of proven field performance.
  • Allows your existing engine to produce a turbo-normalized full-rated power from sea level to 20,000 feet with sustained climb performance and virtually no high-density-takeoff worries.
  • Reduced air resistance at altitude effectively maximizes cruise speeds.
  • Unlike Factory Turbo-charged systems, our Turbonormalizing Engine System STC doesn't require high cylinder pressures that lead to cracking, inefficient operations, and lower TBOs.
* depending on aircraft model and power setting

Western Skyways Turbonormalizing Engine System… twin-engine speed and versatility with single-engine simplicity and economy. Another legendary engine product from a legendary engine shop.