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The new GOLD SEAL® Pre-Owned Engine is remanufactured to factory new limits using only new ECI Titan cylinders and carries an unprecedented 3-year Security Assurance Plan, making it a serious contender to factory new and standard overhaul options.

Originally produced by AAR Western Skyways in Troutdale, Oregon over two decades ago, the Gold Seal Engine® has an unmatched reputation for smooth performance and astounding endurance.

Pilot Tested
The precision built Gold Seal Continental and Lycoming engines have built an international reputation for quality and reliability.

Gold Seal engines are remanufactured in the modern Western Skyways facility at Montrose, Colorado, where the most advanced equipment is put in the hands of a team of FAA-licensed mechanics, resulting in the highest quality product at a price that is affordable.

Precision Built
There is no compromising when building a Gold Seal Engine. Western Skyways offers a wide range of cylinder options, from factory new steel, to your choice of cylinder coatings.

All reciprocating assemblies, counterweights, crankshafts, pistons, wrist pins and connecting rods are matched in sets, then balanced utilizing state-of-the-art static and dynamic processes.

And to top it off, all external hardware is cadmium-plated to prevent corrosion.

Quality Controlled
During each step of the building process, only top quality materials are used.

Rigid inspections are performed throughout the rebuilding procedure to insure that A.D. Notes, Bulletins And Service Instructions are in compliance.

Each engine is rebuilt to factory new tolerances; all parts not meeting factory new tolerances are automatically replaced.

The clean, spacious engine lab can process over 30 engines at a time. Western Skyways is the quality volume engine remanufacturer.


Fly above the clouds with Turbonormalizing.

Remanufactured or Overhauled Lycoming Aircraft Engines: O-235-F, O-235-G, O-235-J, O-235-L2C, O-235-N2C

View Lycoming Recommended TBO Periods (1009AU)

The Process

Engine disassembled, all parts remain together, no interchanging with other engines.
Disassembly report made.
"Safety Kleen 609" pressure wash and clean.
All oil galley plugs, caps and tubes removed and sludge buildup removed.
100% replacement discardable items (pistons, valves, etc.).
Remaining steel parts inspection using magnetic particle inspection, ultrasound, micrometers, and 10 power visual.
Aluminum parts inspection using ZY-GLO, flat stone, and 10 power visual.
External serviceable parts painted or alodined to match the engine.
All parts meet new limit tolerances - service limit tolerances not used.
A.D.’s and mandatory service bulletins compliance.

All gears, castings, counterweights, and housings replaced as required.


NOTE: All cylinders are brought to new limits by one of the following options.

  1. Factory new cylinders
  2. Superior Millennium cylinders
  3. ECI new cylinders
  4. New steel cylinders
  5. Fresh channel chrome
  6. Fresh "Cerminil"
Cylinder assemblies have NEW: Pistons, piston pins, piston rings, intake valves, exhaust valves, intake and exhaust seats, intake and exhaust guides, inner and outer valve springs, valve keepers, roto coils, oil control seals and rocker shafts.
Exhaust ports serviced. New exhaust studs installed as necessary. Intake ports are smoothed as necessary - no metal is removed.
Rocker arms refaced with new bushings and oil holes bored to size.
Connecting rods resurfaced, rebushed, and honed to new tolerances. Weight distribution checked and corrected, grind areas shot peened. Rods checked for stretch and alignment. All balanced to within 1 gram. All new: Bushings, bolts, nuts, keys, and bearings.
Crankshaft balanced to within .5 inch-ounces and meets new dimensional limit tolerances. If required, reground and nitrated. All new counterweight bushings, pins, plates, snap rings, plugs, and oil seal.
Crankcase oil galleys cleaned and pressure checked, all studs torque checked and replaced as required, plugs installed. Case repaired, resurfaced and line bored as necessary. Complete assembly new: Nuts, lock washers, bearings, seals and gaskets.
Camshaft reground and parkerized or replaced.
All NEW hydraulic plunger assemblies, oil pressure relief valve springs, intake hoses, intake clamps, seals, gaskets, ignition harness, spark plugs, and oil filter.
Gold cadmium plating of all external hardware.
Engine mounted oil coolers cleaned, pressure checked, inspected, and repaired.
Rebuild of starter, starter adapter, magnetos, fuel injection system or carburetor, and turbocharger.
Factory specs test cell run using a flight prop and governor. A dynamometer is not used because it lacks thrust load.
All technical work is performed by highly experienced FAA certified A & P technicians.
Six (6) month, no hour limit, 100% warranty on parts and labor. Thereafter prorated to TBO at 40 hours per month including parts and labor. Warranty work may be performed at other facilities after prior approval.
Ask about our THREE (3) YEAR 100% parts and labor warranty option.
When shipping to your favorite FBO for installation, the engine will be carefully package in a real wooden crate (no cardboard boxes or other flimsy materials) with the same attention to detail found throughout our engine process. Shipping, when arranged by Western Skyways, will be insured for replacement cost and billed at actual shipping costs (not inflated).
If you’re comparing to factory, consider this… you can get a 3 year, 100% warranty with a Western Skyways Gold Seal engine, but the factory only offers a 1 year warranty. You decide.


A large selection of Gold Seal Continental and Lycoming engines are available for quick installation; or you may have your present engine remanufactured to the same Gold Seal standards.

Before shipping, each Gold Seal engine is performance-tested in digital monitoring test cell to insure performance and reliability. For the fastest possible exchange, fly into Western Skyways or your favorite FBO and have your new Gold Seal engine installed.

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